Sham Counseling Center in Ashty Camp, which is an SGBV project conducted in partnership between Civil Development Organization (CDO) and UNFPA; celebrated the Yazidi’s New Year on April 18, 2018, in the presence of a number of both organizations staff and Yezidi girls and women.

The last Wednesday of  April after the 20th is the Yazidi New Year which is called the “Red Wednesday”.  Every year a ceremony is held with the presence of clerics of the Yazidi community at the Lalish temple in Sheikhan District.

Every year on same Wednesday evening with the presence of  Yazidi clerics and Yazidi citizens, 366 sky lanterns are released to the sky in the Lalish Monastery to represent 366 days of the year in the first day of the Yazidi New Year.

All Yazidi households visit each other and take sweets and a large number of colored eggs which represent the birth of a new life. They ask forgiveness and exchange warm wishes. However, in this month no one is allowed to get married because April is known as “The Bride” for the Yazidi’s and they accept no other bride beside her.