October 17 , 2018

Protection and Legal Assistance Activities to IDPs in Sulaimany Governorate and Garmiyan

Project Categories: 2018Protection

It is one of the projects which is implemented by CDO in partnership with UNHCR. The objective of this project is to offer assistance to IDPs in Sulaymaniyah governorate, Garmian Administration and Khanaqin through four main objectives which are Registration, Legal Assistance, Protection, and Community Mobilization.

The importance of this objective is the availability of detailed data about new arrivals and returnees through supporting BDM office, which also could be used as a general census to rely on during work plans. Many organizations and agencies used this data for providing assistance, surveys, assessments and performing different activities for IDPs.

Legal Assistance:
Lawyers of this unit are able to follow up through offering complementary legal assistance including legal representation, consultation and arranging legal awareness session. Furthermore, they facilitate IDP procedures at governmental departments including legal measures, issuing documents and court cases.

This unit observes services and necessities for IDPs inside Sulaymaniyah, Garmian and Khanaqin by interviewing IDP families and assessing their living conditions. Protection monitoring team solves or refers to daily issues including security, health, education, food and cash assistance for vulnerable families according to UNHCR policies. The team immediately assesses new families as soon as they arrive.

Community Center/ Community Mobilization and Strengthening:
Kalar and Piramagrun community centers perform community empowerment program through different activities such as awareness sessions, campaigns, training courses and workshops for IDPs and host community for introducing integrating new culture and society. Furthermore, volunteers among the targeted communities identify and refer
cases that need assistance.