October 17 , 2018

Food distribution program

Project Categories: 2018Protection

In Partnership with World Food Program (WFP) and Civil Development Organization (CDO), started distribution of food for IDPs on monthly basis. In November 2014 the project launched its assistance inside the Sulaymaniyah as well as outside the camps, and still continues. In the beginning of the project provided food for approximately 12,000 families, from 37 different locations in Sulaymaniyah, Halabja, Garmian and Raparin Administration.

In 2017 to 2018 some changes occurred, when the project expanded its assistance to different locations such as Kirkuk and Diyala governorates. The
target changed to the beneficiaries only inside the camps where 8,250 families have been settled in:
Laylan1, Laylan 2, Daquq, Yahyawa, Nazrawa and Bawa camps in Kirkuk governorate Qoratu, Tazade, Surdash and Barzinja camps in Sulaimaniah governorate Alwand1 and Alwand 2 camps in Diyala governorate. Each family receives a 70.3 kg food basket every month.

The basket contains:
30 kg wheat flour, 15 kg rice, 10 kg lentils, 5 kg bulgur, 5 kg sugar, 4.55 liter oil and 0.750 kg salt.
On July, 2018 the food assistance inside Sulaymaniyah transformed to cash transfers in Qoratu, Tazade, Surdash, and Barzinja) camps for 843 families.Each member of the families receive an amount of money; 20,000 IQDr via Asia Hawalla which is one of the services by Asiacell.