CDO and Sketch Group Conduct a Workshop for Social Workers

Apr 9, 2019

On April 3-4, Civil Development Organization -CDO in cooperation with Sketch Kurdish Impro Group conducted a workshop by professional trainer-Karukh Ahmed, for social workers and those who deal directly with the various cases in the organization.

The aim of the workshop was to combine improvisational theatre and social work to support the beneficiaries, provide them more assistance and make them feel they are important individuals in the society.   

The importance of using this method is that for few minutes it separates them and isolates them from outside world, everyone’s focus would be on the workshop; together they have lots of joy and fun.

Beside indirectly they will learn to accept the suggestions and help of the therapist in the form of gain and apply it to everyday life.

They will learn to have reaction toward the events that happen around them and look at the things from different perspective.

The social workers have to be able to make decision and act according to the situation in the field.

This type of workshop help the social workers have more confident in their abilities.


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