Child Friendly Space Project

7/27/2016 5:05:29 PM

Child Friendly Space Project
Child Friendly Space (CFS) is one of CDO and Save the Children’s emergency interventions that attempts to provide IDP and refugee children with protected environments that covers five types of systematized activities of play – creative, imaginative, physical, communicative, and manipulative. The activities are designed to build on children’s natural and evolving coping capacities. Child Friendly Space plays an important role in identifying and addressing child protection concerns within an affected population, including the detection of issues or threats to children and youth.
CFS project will officially continue until 30 June 2015 within the existing fund. CDO is willing to carry on the project with your fund.
First of all our team has conducted a survey in the camp for children aged 5 to 17 years. The survey still continues within the arrival of new families to the Camp.
CFS started its activates with haircut for all ages including male, female and mothers. We are in advance cooperation with the team from Sulaymaniyah. The team started by razor decking for males (30 children) and haircut for female (150 children) in 3 days. The activities took place within permission from their families. The following photos indicate some of the activities.

We  opened  Music Training in the CFS in Arbat Refugee Camp ,It started 
From 30 October 2014 it  continued till the end of 2014. Every Sunday
and Thursday 18 children were participated in the training. For the
Universal Day of Children, the team arranged a party on November 20 and a
large number of children participated. Some children were trained to
perform some activities such as singing Kurdish and English songs. In
addition, a child read some articles about child rights to spread
awareness among the children.

Our organization distributes winter clothes to children in the Camp
inside the child-friendly space office on November 28, 2014 in which 400
children got benefit.

We have prepared a magazine for children in the CFS named Magazine of
the Camp that we hang on wall. Zero issue of the magazine was published
on November 4, 2014 and the first issue on December 24.The magazine is
to be continued within the project because it’s a source of writing and
self- expression for the children.

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