Earth Day Campaign by Piramagrun Community Center

4/24/2018 6:43:07 AM

Community Center of Piramagrun, in partnership between CDO and UNHCR announced a campaign for April 22nd Earth Day by the title “Let’s Stop Environmental Pollution” where the main theme was “End Plastic Pollution”. In the first day of the campaign, young participants from IDPs and the host community planted seeds.

The campaign is planned to last for two weeks, and many activities are prepared to spread environmental awareness about protecting earth and cleaning touristic locations, and other activities for IDP and host community children.

Every year on April 22nd, Earth Day is celebrated world wide. The first celebration took place in the United States in 1970, and in 1990 this celebration became international. Today 192 countries are celebrating this day. Numerous activities are held to shedlight on earth and climate pollution, raising awareness for people regarding ways to protect earth and pollution of the environment.
One billion people are expected to participate in International Earth Day celebration this year. Community Center of Piramagrun joins this one billion to celebrate Earth Day and aims to protect the environment through planting seeds and numerous other activities.

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