The Head of Parliament Welcomes a Committee of CDO

2/2/2018 6:35:31 PM

(Please Read My Letter!)

The Head of Parliament Welcomes Representatives from CDO

Dr. Jaa'far Ibrahim Eminky, Deputy of Parliament Head along with Begard Talabani, Parliament Secretary in the Secretary Office in Parliament Building welcomed a Committee from CDO.

On January 31st, CDO representatives presented a booklet to the parliament head with the title (please read my letter). This was made with the effort of CDO and UNHCR to bring the matter of combating violence  in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to the attention of the parliament. The booklet contains  messages from violence survivors of both genders from different ethnic groups in the Kurdistan Region. The project focuses on standing all types of violence and supporting the physiological recovery and well being of the survivors of IDP and refugees who reside currently in Kurdistan.

 The Deputy of Parliament Head, and Parliament Secretary demonstrated their full support towards any humanitarian aid, especially combating violence and assured the representatives to read their message and have a response as well. 

In addition, the CDO representatives distributed the booklet to all the parliamentarians from different groups in the parliament hall.

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