War’s Effects on Education

12/11/2017 8:27:24 PM

During the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, today December10th, CDO in collaboration with Committee for Women’s Matters in Surdash Camp, Sulaimani Governor’s representative, Dukan district mayor, General Director of Education, Combating Women Violence Directorate, Social Works’ Directorate, and organizations organized an activity about the aftermath of war and its effects on education, especially the difficulties it will bring about regarding girls continuing their education. 

Initially, the activity opening was run by a speech from Refugee’s projects department who talked about life conditions of the refugees and mentioned the statistics of students in the Surdash Camp. Then, he talked about the shortcomings related to the students’ needs. Later on, a short video was played that was produced by CDO in which teachers, students, and the administrator of Surdash Camp school who talk about the shortcomings in their school and request for resolutions.

Further, Dukan district mayor who was there representing Sulaimani Governorate gave a short speech and thanked CDO and Committee for Women’s Matters for organizing such event, saying “today we visited the school and have identified the shortcomings and decided to solve them as soon as possible with the help from Directorate of Education. “
In addition, General Director of Education in his speech promised to fulfill the needs of the school along with gasoil.

Finally, Committee for Women’s Matters gave a speech and thanked the overall participating directorates who were present in the activity and that each directorate should hold responsibility equally.

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