Orange the World!

12/9/2017 10:13:39 AM

Inline with United Nations' campaign under the slogan "Orange the World! End violence against women", today in Hawari Shar park in Sulaimani, CDO in coordination with its partner UNFPA, combating gender-base violence, United Nations agencies, community organizations, women rights lawyers as well as Zhyan Group :began their activities to stand against women violence that is been marked a day November 25th.

The event started with music and poem reading. Then, Alla Kamal presented Zhyan Group's speech. Afterwards, Hoshyar the judge representing Sulaimani governorate delivered his speech and and asked the women-related organizations coordinate with them to lessen violence against women.

Further in the event, Omar Gullpi- General Director of Monitoring and Social Development Directorate, presented his speech and mentioned that comparing to last year, the statistics have risen, saying "unfortunately, last year 178 women were living in the women-taken-care-of places while during the past eleven months, 233 women have been living in those places. Fifty of those are under the age of eighteen."

Furthermore, a play under the name "don't force me to marry: let me live my childhood" was presented.
Sarkawt Omar, the administrator of Combating Against Women Violence Directorate also pointed out that violence statistics are rising "where in the last ten months, 1923 cases have been dealt with in their directorate- some are still under examination and other have been referred to court."

In the end, music and songs were played by children.

Nowadays, one of the most common violence is that done against women and girls as well as gender inequality.
For this reason, the United Nations calls out for more activities that aims at demanding equality under the law and and standing against any sort of gender inequality.

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