Food Distribution for November Has Started

11/18/2017 9:20:17 PM

CDO with its partner WFP has started distributing food to the IDPs.
Distribution has started mid last week and will continue until all targeted population numbers are reached.

This distribution is for the IDPs who are residing in four cities which are Barznja Camp in Sulaimani, Laylan 1, Laylan 2, Laylan 3, Daquq, Yahyawa, Nazrawa, Bawa Camps in Karkuk, Allwand 1, Allwand 2 Camps in Diyala, and Tazade, Qoratu Camps in Gariman governorate.

The distributed food are(flour, rice, sugar, salt, chickpeas,  lentil, medium grain brown rice, and plant oil)
On a monthly basis, eleven thousand packages are distributed to the IDPs of the aforementioned camps in the four directorates.

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