1201 Package Distribution in Only One Week

11/6/2017 1:09:17 PM

During one week, one thousand two hundred and one packages of women and girls needs were distributed to the IDPs of Duz Khurmatu.

CDO has begun a broad campaign of Food Item and Non Food Item distribution to the IDPs of Duz Khurmatu. Today, 25th of October UNFPA in partnership with CDO successfully dispensed 330 RRM packages.

RRM is a package that contains specific needs for women and girls- 330 women and girl of Duz Khurmatu IDPs who now live in Bazyan district received these packages.
These two aforementioned organizations run a project collaboratively that helps spread awareness about genders, providing psychological and social support for survivors of violence as well as educational trainings.

All services and activities are specific for girls and women IDPs of Khanaqin, Alwand 1, Jalawla, Said Sadiq, Bazyan, Sulaimani both Ashti and Arbat camps who receive assistance through a mobile team.

 In addition, nine clinics for personal health check and emergency response procedures for delivering assistance to women are in place.

During the recent immediate changes in the saturation of the different areas, a wide campaign has started to distribute these special packages for women and girls. Until now, one thousand two hundreds and one packages have been handed out in Nawjol, Rzgari, Chamchamall, Sangaw, Bazyan, Surdash and Barznja camps.

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