IDP Women Needs’ Distribution is Ongoing

10/23/2017 3:52:02 PM

CDO in coordination with UNFPA in a campaign delivered the necessary materials to the IDP women of Duz Khurmatu.
The distributed material is a package of all the special items that a woman needs. During the past few days, 645 packages were distributed in Chamchamall, Rzgari sub district, Nawjol, Charmo and Surdash camps.

During the past two days, when the situation was obnoxious in Karkuk and Duz Khurmatu, the citizens of those cities flee to find shelter in the surrounding cities and districts. However, they are now in an unpleasant situation and need all sorts of help.

CDO as the first local NGO in coordination with WFP, and UNICEF, UNFPA, and UNHCR immediately reached its distribution assistance to those who were displaced. This campaign is ongoing and CDO will direct its services towards the wellbeing of those IDPs.

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