#Yes to Unity; No to Segregation

10/22/2017 11:37:25 AM

A press conference to a campaign, under the slogan “Yes to Unity; No to Segregation” was held.

On October22nd, Civil Development Organization CDO in coordination with Metro Center for protecting the rights of journalists and artists, media, several local NGOs, social activists, journalists and a number of public figures held an open discussion on the current situation the Kurdistan Region is going through. The discussion took place in CDO’s Conference Hall in Sulaimani.

 #Yes to Unity; No to Segregation

“At the times when the Kurdish nation’s dream was to gain their rights; when we were all in the thought of a prosperous future, excellent lifestyle, and tranquility as well as peacefulness; when most of the political parties were of the same voice towards determining the future of the Kurdish people; when severe fights and uneven firepower during the fights faced the Kurdish nation and their land. Unfortunately, Kurdish Peshmarga forces with tens of martyrs and wounded soldiers had to withdraw.

A withdrawal that we had neither though of nor prepared for. Although this withdrawal was against a huge forces armed with modern external weapons, its flames are about to touch on the Kurdish people’s homes and burn the many years of their sacrifices.

The sounds of segregation’s drums are about to rise; the advocacy for destroying unification is about to reach our ears. These are not mere words; these are real and about to happen. When they do happen, internal fights amongst brothers will cause further damage to our brotherhood.

Now is not the right time for neither blaming persons/parties nor each other. If the outcome was success and achievement, it would have had many to take their ownership. However, when it resulted in withdrawal, everyone tries to eliminate themselves and find another to accuse.

Thus, it is the responsibility of the Kurdish nation- those who live here and the ones in diaspora to work on preventing the current separation advocacy. Prohibit any speeches and actions towards demolishing unity. It’s the duty of all organizations, social activists, journalists, artists and human rights’ advocates to:

1-Use social media websites as means of spreading messages against destroying unity and standing against segregation as well as internal fights.

2-Focus the core of activities on peace-building and fight against hatred and contempt.
3-Carry out different activities on the medial channels and ask for strengthening our unity.
4-Artists prepare and practice artistic works against division and dissociation as well as degrading one another.
5-Journalists and media persons work on broadcasting peace, accepting each other, respecting the differences and finding similarities.
6-Organizations to use logos, flags and symbol of peacefulness and work towards implementing them.
7-Form different groups and introduce themselves to the people of different cities and districts to help abandon the idea of separation.

In addition to all the aforementioned points, we ask all Kurdish people to support and participate in this civic and peaceful attempt. We ask that they adopt the aims and slogans of this campaign to their own:
No to separation! No to segregation! No to war and conflicts! ”

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