CDO Took Lead in Distributing Basic Needs to Duz Khurmatu IDPs

10/20/2017 1:07:50 PM

CDO distributed large amount basic needs to the displaced persons of Duz Khurmatu

During the past two days, when the situation was obnoxious in Karkuk and Duz Khurmatu, the citizens of those cities flee to find shelter in the surrounding cities and districts. However, they are now in an unpleasant situation and need all sorts of help.

CDO in coordination with World Food Programme and UNICEF was able to distribute the basic needs to the displaced persons in Nawjol, Zinana, Lutfi Agha, Talaw, Tazade Camp, Rzgari district, Chamchamall and Surdash.

Two types of basic needs were distributed: 1700 packages of Food Items including dates, biscuit, chickpea, fava bean, and chicken. Non-Food Items which were 1000 packages of diapers, soaps, shampoo, tooth brush and toothpaste, towels, women's necessities and other cleaning materials.

It is worth mentioning that CDO was the first local organization to deliver needs to the displaced persons in Garmian. During only two days, it was able to distribute 2700 Food Items and Non Food Items. Apart from its various ongoing projects, CDO is going to continuously extend a helping hand in the coming days to the displaced persons due to what is happening in the current situation.   

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