Community Centers: One Month of Unique Services

10/8/2017 12:21:24 PM

Community Centers have continuously well-performed in serving refugees, IDPs and host communities through running different activities and vocational courses in each of Sulaimani, Arbat Refugee Camp and Chamchamall during the last month. These courses are taught by experts and skilled individuals in different specialties who have mastered the techniques of teaching in order to deliver best results.

One of those courses was to benefit twenty seven young students who have recently finished secondary school and applied to the Institute of Fine Art. They were in the waiting process for interviews. The course was ran in Chamchamall Community Center for three weeks.

In addition, the center in Chamchamall opened up a new course for fifteen participants who were refugees and host community for one month to learn hairdressing.


In the Arbat Refugee Camp, the center benefited fifteen Syrian refugees who took a course to learn German language.
Further, in Sulaimani Community Center, a one-month course for eighteen refugees began to learn the techniques of playing a Saz instrument, musical notes and composing.

Also, the Sulaimani Center ran another course for twelve refugee teachers in learning computer for one month. Teachers were taught how to use a computer, its programs such as MS. Office programs and surf the internet for researching purposes and strengthening their abilities and knowledge.

It is worth mentioning that these courses run through mid and final monitoring and evaluation procedures. The results are kept in a database for further use and recommendation to other centers who are part of CDO and various partners.

Community Centers are joint projects in coordination between CDO and UNHCR running for two years now. Their aim are providing educational, vocational and recreational courses to their targeted groups in the Sulaimani, Arbat and Chamchall areas who are refugees and habitants of the area. In addition, it runs Focus Group Discussions to recognize target group’s issues and concerns and present those in the form of campaign to give them instruction on how to avoid and/or solve them. Moreover, these centers refer a variety of cases of vulnerability to intended and specialized actors for cures and assistance. 

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