“No to Violence ; Yes to Peace and Humanity”

10/7/2017 7:05:45 AM

This was the motto under which an evening party was organized in Arbat Camp.

On October 2nd, the International Day of Non-Violence, Arbat Sociocultural Center prepared a party for refugees, IDPs and host community in Waly Barikaiy martyr hall.

The party was enriched with many activities such as music, singing, dancing, handcraft and painting, and distributing peace letters among the participants.

The aim of this party in addition to having a good time was also to spread the idea of peace and togetherness among different genders, cultures, religions and ethnicities and having to know each other better as well as build trust amongst them.

Arbat Sociocultural Center’s project and organizer of this party is ran in coordination amongst three organizations who are CDO, DHRD, and UNDP.
They run various educational, vocational and recreational courses to its targeted group in the Arbat camp who are IDPs and habitants of the area. In addition, it runs Focus Group Discussions to recognize target group’s issues and concerns and present those in the form of campaign to give them instruction on how to avoid and/or solve them.

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