Shams Network to Train CDO Staff for Referendum Day

9/24/2017 6:29:37 PM

Civil Development Organization (CDO) as the authorizing organizer for the Sulaimani governorate’s polling stations ran

a number of trainings in Sulaimani, Garimian and Raparin governorates for the trainers and monitors of Referendum process. The trainings took place in Shams Network for monitoring Referendum on Kurdistan Independence. 

Shams Network with regard to the international standards has recorded 1,312 monitors in the Kurdistan Commission for the purpose of administering and organizing Referendum stations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The monitors consist of national and international monitors, administrative as well as experts in the area of elections and management.

Shams Network carries out its tasks in different forms including but not limited to voting atmosphere, actual day of voting and will assist 42 international observers on the Referendum day, among them are Arabic and Worldwide  Elections’ Network for Rights and Development.

It has been decided that tomorrow on September 25th, Shams Network's monitors to carry out their duties in the voting stations assigned to them and release their findings and reports in five stages through the Central Administration. 


It is worth mentioning that the trainings carried out  in Sulaimani, Garimian and Raparin governorates were sponsored by Qaiwan Group.

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