Body Language, Etiquette and Management

9/20/2017 6:31:12 AM

Managers of all departments at the International Sulaimani Airport attended a seminar in Piloting Institute Hall inside the airport on body language, organized by Civil Development Organization CDO on September18th, 2017.
In Cooperation with Civil Piloting Institute, CDO’s Development Unit held this seminar for the managers who work inside the airport to further develop and enrich their skills in this area in order to deliver best services for its customers, travelers and employees in the airport.
It is aimed to continue to providing these seminars in the form of a series of sessions to the rest of airport’s employees and staff in the near future.
The subjects presented at the seminar included but not limited to: definition to body language and etiquette as well as the difference between the two, the importance of reading and dealing with body language in the workplace, association of body language with different cultures, the difference of body language aspects between male and female, and how to interpret body language.
The seminar was conducted by Lania Jamal who has Master’s degree in Body Language and is the Manager of CDO’s Development Unit.

Civil Development Organization CDO on a continuous basis runs various trainings, workshops, and seminars in different aspects and fields for its staff and employees as well as partners, units, organizations and/or facilities in the area.

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