Nationalities gathered in CDO's Main Office

4/16/2017 6:47:31 AM

CDO in partnership with UNHCR hosted a celebration for Nawroz and the beginning of Spring by gathering refugees from both Northern and Eastern Kurdistan, Syrian refugees, and Iraqi IDPs in CDO's main office. 
Bakhtiar Ahmed, CDO's general director spoke: "the purpose of this is event, is to show that people across all communities can come together, celebrate, foster cooperation and build lasting connections thus laying the foundation for the future." The event featured a variety of cultural activities highlighting; traditional Kurdish dancing (Helperkê) from the four parts of Kurdistan, Arabic traditional dancing (Dabkeh), solo and group IDP and Refugee artists performing traditional music, a showcase of the traditional clothes from each culture and section devoted to selling arts and hand-crafts sponsored by the Asuda organization, the Handicap Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Safe Children organization.

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