International Women’s Day

3/14/2017 6:58:17 AM

In celebration of 8th of March, CDO in partnership with IMS organization and Zhin Magazine held an event in Cinema Salim in Sulaymaniyah. 
The event started with a tribute in respect for the female martyrs that died this past year. Then a short film named "The Media Dealing with Women" took the audience's attention. The film discussed all the different ways the media discriminates women and to further expose the situation Zhin Magazine owner, Alla Latif gave a speech after the film explaining how women are always burdened with beeing discriminated and objectified, always fighting for their equality instead of focusing only on their daily lives. 
 Next, the deputy prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani gave a speech, "I'm glad to be here today with my wife, in the government, I consider myself as a women rights activist." He also spoke on how Yezidi women suffered a great loss at the hands of ISIS, how not only female peshmergas are losing their lives but also journalists like Shefa Gardi. He added, "In Kurdistan, we took a few steps to assist women in general such as giving them equal rights as just as men have, and opening service providing centers for women. These steps helped at declining reported violence against women in the last two years." 
 Afterward, Soma Salar and Rozhgar Mahmood took the stage to perform a song for the crowd. Moreover, the discussion of Shefa Gardi was brought up by the owner of Zhin Magazine All gave an appreciation award to Sheva's family, for all the service she provided in the journalism world. 
Another short film followed the awarding tribute, named "Heaven in Darkness" this short film was produced by Noor Al-Ghad Company and directed by Cam Production Company. Afterwards, Allah Latif presented four additional awards to four women that wrote about women's role in society at the past year. In addition to the ceremony, CDO's Community Center in partnership with UNHCR showcased an artistic gallery of paintings by four artists.In the finale, Seven journalists received appreciation awards for how much they fought against discrimination in their own line of work in the past year. 

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