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Civil Development Organization (CDO) is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization. Since 2001 CDO has been one of the most active NGOs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq cooperating with local NGOs being involved in regional and international networks and working in partnership with international organizations and UN agencies.
CDO was founded in the interest of defending the human rights of the marginalized groups. Accordingly,CDO has directed its efforts towards assisting mainly Syrian and Iranian asylum seekers and refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), host communities, minorities, people with specific needs and the most vulnerable in society. Moreover, CDO focuses on reducing the gender gap by fighting societal exclusion of women and violence against women. By reaching wide, CDO aims to ensure welfare and developing a society in which all are entitled to basic rights.
CDO completes its projects through managing projects properly as per the agreements with its partners and holding numerous discussion sessions with targeted groups and hear their voices about their concerns as well as shares its data, challenges and ongoing progress and achievements with peer organizations through daily communications and by attending different related cluster meetings.

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